A digital garden. Not a blog

May 31, 2021

Why the sudden change?

I feel torn ATM between the dream of having a lifelong list of things I have written and the reality that not all of it will be worth reading. I don't think in blog form believe it or not, and this is my website. I simply don't want to post formally under the presupposition that it could be part of a newspaper. It's not human.

How am I dealing with this dilemma? I am going to have a running log of my thoughts here that is sorta publicly visible. If you subscribe you will be updated when I add something here, but I won't push it externally until I have had some repetition on the idea, and I fully believe it.

Once I have more than five or so thoughts down on paper, the thoughts page will become a curated list of things I believe and find true instead of an index. There might be another chronological list of things, but that is not really how I am intending this site to be used.

As I distill my thoughts more I'll note them with some sort of differing UI, and they will be added to different pages based on subject that will only have my very best.

Note: the term digital garden comes from My blog is a digital garden, not a blog. Not claiming any originality here. This just really clicked with my vision for this site.

Why do I think this will work?

For the past year I have actually been doing something similar

Things that have moved me in this direction

Things I still need to read on the subject

Examples of what I am going for

and of course

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