"I can't draw" — "I'm not creative"

That used to be me until October 2021. With the push from some of my friends I decided to try. Between then and July 2022 I created what you will find below in 264 hours.

Is it going to knock your socks off? Probably not, but it was a great exercise in remembering how to be a beginner again.

I am shifting my focus back to programming and this blog, but I'll be back to illustration at some point in my future.

Shoutout to Stephen Ong and my wife for their advice and feedback.

santa cruz kraken logo

Jul 11th 2022

little ship — big kraken (night)

Jul 8th 2022

big ship — big kraken (night)

Jul 4th 2022

little ship — big kraken

Jul 1st 2022

big ship — big kraken

Jun 25th 2022

santa cruz skateboard logo

Jun 6th 2022

yo ho ho - jolly roger's quest pt. 4/4

May 31st 2022

abandoned island - jolly roger's quest pt. 3/4

May 30th 2022

pirate cove - jolly roger's quest pt. 2/4

May 27th 2022

harbor cafe - jolly roger's quest pt. 1/4

May 26th 2022

G Group - Illustration

Apr 20th 2022

Bouncy Van - Animation

Apr 15th 2022

Terminal - Illustration

Apr 12th 2022

WAIT - madison apartment

Apr 1st 2022

Ski Lift

Mar 22nd 2022

wash me

Mar 2nd 2022

sunken treasure

Feb 28th 2022

the tipsy standoff

Feb 21st 2022

driving through the desert

Feb 17th 2022

A Frame Cabin

Feb 15th 2022

putting green

Feb 9th 2022

Fix Coffee

Feb 9th 2022

jacob's well

Jan 26th 2022

a lonely longhorn

Jan 25th 2022

a cabin in the forest

Jan 18th 2022

The Alamo

Jan 11th 2022

the round rodeo

Jan 6th 2022

6:05 am ~ when and where the magic happens ✍️

Jan 1st 2022

Sundown Mountain Resort

Dec 30th 2021

tropical waterfall

Dec 17th 2021

gettin gas

Dec 14th 2021

driving at night

Dec 6th 2021

picking up the christmas tree

Dec 3rd 2021

cry of the wolf

Nov 22nd 2021

mom and pop's place

Nov 8th 2021

snowboard season is coming

Nov 5th 2021

iowa city skatepark (plotober 7)

Oct 22nd 2021

lost at sea (plotober 6)

Oct 20th 2021

island wreckage (plotober 5)

Oct 15th 2021

finding the booty (plotober 4)

Oct 8th 2021

abandoned fishing nets (plotober 3)

Oct 6th 2021

death by day drinking (plotober 2)

Oct 2nd 2021

coconuts on the beach (plotober 1)

Oct 1st 2021

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